We are a small Canadian Humanitarian NGO formed on October 1, 1998 with a goal to sending life saving and ease suffering medical supplies to the poorest of the poor in the Global Village.

How did ICROSS CANADA come to be?

Billy Willbond (a Canadian Peacekeeping Veteran) and his wife Lynne (a Registered Nurse) traveled to Africa to lay wreaths on the graves of Canadian Peacekeepers who died in the Congo. They arrived the week after the 1998 terrorist attack on the American Embassy. After a memorial service to commemorate Canadian lives lost during Peacekeeping Missions, witnessed the terrible plight of African children – orphans suffering from starvation and the epidemic of HIV/AIDS that is rampant in the “Dark Continent”. This experience cemented their resolve to try and make a difference, and upon returning home they formed ICROSS Canada.

Is ICROSS CANADA a bona fide registered charity?

Yes, our Patron, Major General Lewis MacKenzie assisted us to get the Canadian charity number for income tax purposes.

Where is ICROSS CANADA situated?

Box 3 Saanichton BC V8M 2C3 Canada

Why do people who support ICROSS CANADA knit Comfort Dolls?

People around the world are knitting African Comfort Dolls for the HIV/AIDS orphans of Africa and children of other disaster regions. The dolls are used as packing material to cushion our medical supplies and when the meds are unloaded, the dolls are given to orphans and the children of the poorest of the poor. Often the doll sent as packing material is the only toy these children will ever own and many HIV AIDS orphans are buried with their dolls.

What happens to the money donated to ICROSS CANADA?

No one at ICROSS CANADA is paid. Therefore all donated monies go towards the shipping of life-saving and ease-suffering medical supplies to the global village on our battered and bleeding wee planet.

How can I learn more about ICROSS CANADA?

Check the following ICROSS Canada Website: http://www.icross.ca

William “Billy” Willbond MSM, CD
CEO and National President ICROSS CANADA