The most significant health problem facing Africa today is the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS, which is wreaking havoc on the capacity of families and communities to cope as, parents die and leave AIDS orphans (many of which are HIV Positive) to survive on their own meagre means. ICROSS CANADA will achieve Results for those it wishes to Reach and to raise the necessary Resources to achieve it results. ICROSS CANADA adheres to Results Based Management and focuses its managerial philosophy on the 3Rs (Results, Reach and Resources).

  • Results
    • Relieve starvation and suffering in the least developed countries of the world, in particular East Africa.
    • Build the capacity of established health clinics by providing much needed medical supplies, medical instruments and medicines.
    • Respond
      • To proposals aimed at achieving results expected by ICROSS CANADA through ICROSS and/or its partner organizations. In particular,
      • Contribute to the sustainability of orphan-led households by providing counselling (through volunteer grandmothers) and developing greatly needed revenue-generating skills to meet basic needs,
      • To provide assistance to selected initiatives with respect to building the capacity of community health clinics and community health workers.
  • Reach (beneficiaries)
    • ICROSS CANADA reaches those most affected by HIV/AIDS in East Africa for example the orphans of AIDS victims, the communities (health clinics) and the surviving extended families.
  • Resources
    • ICROSS CANADA’s activities are funded by donor contributions from Canadian individuals and institutions. Also, ICROSS CANADA has no paid employees as its operations are administered entirely by Canadian volunteers. Donors provide contributions as well as ‘in kind’ contributions in the form of medical supplies, medicines and medical instruments

William “Billy” Willbond MSM, CD
CEO and National President ICROSS CANADA