ICROSS CANADA receives contributions from individual donors in the form of monies and in-kind donations such as medicines, medical supplies and medical instruments, including services such as transportation and labour.

ICROSS CANADA, with its Canadian Regional head office in Victoria BC., responds to requests for relief and development assistance, from wherever the need is greatest. Contributions of medical supplies are received, inventoried, packaged and distributed from the Regional Head Office. ICROSS CANADA utilizes Canada Post. The Canadian Armed Forces have contributed their services to ICROSS by warehousing and transporting medical goods. Medical professionals, Service Clubs, individuals and other institutions have donated medicines, medical supplies and medical implements. ICROSS CANADA has representatives from across Canada.

ICROSS CANADA is accountable to its contributing donors and Board of Directors for achieving results and ensuring that sound financial management is adhered to in the disbursement of funds and distribution of medical supplies, medicines and medical implements.

ICROSS CANADA works with the Compassionate Ministries by donating large items (we are unable to mail I.V. poles, wheelchairs and crutches and hospital beds at this time), and things we receive which can’t be mailed are sent to disaster areas by the Compassionate Ministries who gather resources for International Relief. The coordinator of the Compassionate Resource Warehouse (Mrs. Dell Wergeland) has authorized ICROSS CANADA to store items in their facility and they add ICROSS Canada’s life-saving and ease-suffering medical supplies into containers for transfer to the appropriate destinations.

William “Billy” Willbond MSM, CD
CEO and National President ICROSS CANADA