The undermentioned members of the Mark Isfeld Memorial Chapter of the CAVUNP (The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping) and Centennial Baptist Church helped with this the packing of the 2004 ICROSS CANADA Relief Container.

Lloyd Bond, Roy Head, Tim Doyle, Scott Laird, Chink Widenmaier, Harry Miller, George Dobson, Linda Dobson, Billy Willbond, Lynne Willbond, Andy Mavretic ,Mary Mavretic, Warren Littlejohn, Dave Chalk, Jim Sidel, Shelley Sidel, Jamie Sidel, Joey Willbond, Pastor Vic Nordstrom, Alice Nordstrom, Paddy Patterson, the Naylor family, Dick Nimmo, Dr Keith Martin and Dell Wergeland’s Compassionate Ministry loading crew of experts. Many hands made light work!!

The pride of this load is the Pharmaceuticals donated by HPIC, the Bicycles donated by UVic and Oak Bay Police, and the Walkers, canes and crutches donated by Saanich Peninsula Mount Newton Centre, and the Wheelchairs donated by the Compassionate Ministries.

The Compassionate Ministries donated the bulk of the load including the stuffies of clothing and shoes for distribution to the poorest of the pinoor in East Africa. We could not have completed this task without the assistance and support of hundreds of people across this generous Nation, along with our American and Australian friends, the Izzy doll knitters and those who send monies needed to ship the meds.

This container of medications and supplies should arrive in Africa by July 2004.

Our National Patron, General MacKenzie, will visit our ICROSS field projects between the 25th of July and the 2nd of August at his own expense. HPIC meds will be distributed and used in the slums of Nairobi, the Maasai Hospital at Kajiado and at our ICROSS clinics and dispensaries in Maasailand, Western Kenya and Tanzania.

It takes money to run this small NGO and although we are always near the break even level, we manage to live up to our biblical motto: “The needy will not be forgotten, nor the hopes of the afflicted perish” (Psalms 9:19)


William H.A. Willbond, MSM, CD
National President
April 2004

Patty Patterson, Dave Chalk, Chink Widenmaier, George Dobson, Linda Dobson, Harry Miller, Lloyd Bond Lloyd Bond, Billy Willbond, Chink Widenmaier, Tim Doyle and Dave Chalk Jim Sidel, Ed (Chink) Widenmaier, and Harry Miller Dr Keith Martin loading wheelchairs Joey Willbond, Billy Willbond, Chink Widenmaier, Tim Doyle and Harry Miller Paddy Patterson, Linda Dobson, Harry Miller, George Dobson, Jim Sidel Scott Laird's head as he passes meds down from the ladder at the warehouse Lynne Willbond, Mary Mavretic and Linda Dobson packing stuffies for around the wheelchairs and bikes Jim Sidel, George Dobson and Dick Nimmo on coffee break

Billy’s Personal Note: May 08, 2004

I would like to thank all of those who contributed to making this load (18 and a half tons) the wonderful success that it is and especially the good folks at the Compassionate Ministeries Resource (CMR) Warehouse, the Health Partners International Canada Crew (HPIC), The Peacekeeping Veterans of Canada (CAVUNP), the ICROSS CANADA Directors and individual Canadians, Americans and Australians who contributed (money, izzy comfort dolls for the HIV/AIDS orphans, medicines, wheelchairs, bicycles, canes, crutches, fishing gear, boots shoes and clothing etc) for the poorest of the poor.

You are helping to give meaning to our motto: The needy will not be forgotten, nor the hopes of the afflicted perish (Psalms 9:19)

Many blessing on you – and all in your house