St Martin’s Parish (Calgary) Community Project

The altar today is decorated by an array of colourful knitted dolls; each wonderfully different, each made with love and great care from Lent through this Easter season. Today these 100+ dolls are being presented to Colonel Donald Ethell, the Alberta Director of ICROSS CANADA: International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering.

The dolls will join two pallets of medical supplies donated by the Calgary Health Region, and be used, initially as packing for the safe transfer of the supplies to places of great need in Africa. However, the real journey will then begin in the hands of young children who will have never known such a precious gift.

It’s a ministry that started in the name of Mark Isfield, an engineer, killed in Bosnia on peacekeeping work. Sometimes called “Izzy dolls” or “comfort dolls”, Margery Munro brought the idea to St. Martin’s and to other friends earlier this year and you can see the results.

I’m just a little soft thin doll:
Made with love and care.
My home will be a boy or girl
The place is – Everywhere!

Simple gestures by which many hands can engender the gift of love and joy a world away

Thanks be to God

May 1, 2005

The Altar at St Martin's Church - May 1, 2005 The Altar at St Martin's Church - May 1, 2005 Margery Munro and Don Ethell - May 1, 2005 Margery Munro and Don Ethell - May 1, 2005 Margery Munro and Archdeacon LeSueur look on as Don Ethell addresses St Martin's Congregation - May 1, 2005 Archdeacon LeSueur and Helper prepare the Dolls for transport Margery with fellow Parish Member, Fiona (who created 36 Comfort Dolls) Fiona with the results of her labour of Joy and Love Margery, Fiona, and Glenda - Some of St Martin's Parish Ladies of the Dolls of Joy Don Ethell, Margery, Fiona, and Glenda with some of St Martin's Parish Ladies and their Produce of Love Don Ethell rejoices at the gift of the Dolls of Joy from St Martin's Parish Baskets of Comfort and Joy Don and Linda Ethell with the gift of flowers presented by St Martin's Parish

A Note to Margery Munro from Don Ethell


Thank you and your fellow knitters for the wonderful gift for the ‘poorest of the poor’!

We of ICROSS Canada are proud and humble that you, Fiona (36 dolls!), Glenda and the other ladies turned your considerable talents to our suffering and lost and knitted 157 dolls since the viewing of the ICROSS production on W5. The show included the presence of the ICROSS National Patron Major-General (ret) Lew MacKenzie, and the ICROSS National Chairman Billy Willbond. Both of who personally delivered many goods to Northern Kenya in 2005, and appeared on W5.

Colonel (ret) Donald S. Ethell
Alberta Provincial Director
International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS)

May 2, 2005