African Comfort Dolls Wearing Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey

Maple Leaf Dolls of JoyOne of our directors has captured some ladies in Toronto and they are knitting African Comfort Dolls for ICROSS CANADA and the suffering HIV/AIDS orphans and the children of the poor in East Africa.

This one on the left was discovered in the latest batch that was received from Toronto; must be a diehard lady fan knitter there somewhere. These knitters are unsung heroes who bring smiles to the faces of dying children and a leaf sweater on an Izzy doll is a rare thing, indeed.

Sorting the dolls into his suitcase, Billy came across another Izzy Comfort Doll wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey!! If this keeps up we’ll have a team?

In July/August 2004, Billy and Lynne Willbond took these and many more Comfort Dolls to Africa for the HIV/AIDS orphans.