Mollie Colson


Mollie Colson: The Dolls Of Joy
The Dolls of Joy by Mollie Colson: ©Copyright 2008
A touching story about how a tiny homemade doll brings happiness to the World’s poorest children

Mollie Colson, of Mollie’s Dollies Fame, is the Gulf Island Director of ICROSS CANADA. Mollie is a world-class humanitarian who supports children and a School in Ethiopia. She is a major supporter of ICROSS CANADA, is a caring hands-on organizer of knitters of the Dolls of Joy, and is active in raising funds for her causes.

Her book, The Dolls of Joy, is dedicated to Carol Isfeld, the Founder and Mother of the IZZY Doll movement created after her son, Master Cpl. Mark Isfeld, was killed while removing landmines during his third tour of UN duty in Croatia in 1994.

The cost of the book is Canadian $10.00 (plus $2.00 postage) and is available from:

PO Box 3
Saanichton, BC, V8M2C3