Just a Few Minutes Can Help Sudan’s Refugees

Help Sudan’s Refugees
Photo Credit: ©2004 Josh Estey/CARE
Dear Friends of ICROSS CANADA,

If we, each of us, takes a few minutes, and sends this on to our family and friends, and they take a few minutes to help Net Aid in the Sudan, we can all as a large group of caring Canadians, make a difference. The rapes, murders, burnings, lootings, and out and out genocide is continuing to take place, and the influx of refugees is in dire need your assistance and support today. Please take time out of your busy schedule to help.

Thank you all for caring.
Many Blessings on you and all in your house,

William Willbond

Dear Friend of Mercy Corps,

As the crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region continues, we want to let you know how you can make a difference.

Thousands have died and over 1 million refugees, mostly women and children, are living without the most basic necessities. Having endured and witnessed unimaginable violence, children are among those who are most vulnerable. In addition to providing food, water, shelter, and healthcare, ensuring children’s education during this time can bring hope and respite from the chaos around them.

You can take action to help! Donate directly to Mercy Corps Sudan Crisis Project, which helps CARE continue its relief efforts.

It takes just a few minutes to make a difference. Join us today!

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