Dear ICROSS friends and supporters:

Mike Comeau CD
Mike Comeau CD
Based on the report from Health Partners International-Canada; ICROSS Ontario has donated in excess of 3000 dolls over the 2005 calendar year and we are on our way to a “much” bigger year in 2006. I currently have 6-700 dolls on-hand that I will deliver, next week. Most of these dolls came from the Barrie Area, under Coordinator Mary Wuerch’s guidance. Well done Mary, and well done to Donna Wilson for a huge donation of dolls, as well as the CWL in Bradford and Pat MacLeod’s knitter in the Innisfil area. We also have Tommy-Sue from the Kawartha area and forthcoming dolls from there.

To top that off, we have dolls coming-in from Celia Cameron’s knitters in the Niagara Region (Don Bowman), Stella Rulton from the Guelph area and “now” a whole new group from Hamilton area, coordinated by our newest Coordinator, Earle Topley, a military veteran.

Wow! I think every suffering wee-child in the 3rd world will have an IZZY Doll in 2006 because of the work of our British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario donations and family of knitters!

I am happy to report, that more wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches and (yes) bedpans; are anticipated as spring moves-in. We’ll take it all, so long as it does not require any repairs. I have enough trouble just repairing and maintaining my house! We cannot risk, insulting a country by sending them junk, nor can we afford to ship “junk”!

Thank you for sharing and caring.

Mike Comeau CD
Ontario Provincial Director

February 21, 2006