Mrs. Race’s dolls have recently been delivered to orphanages in Kabul – Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, and the Bondo Orphanage in East Africa. Carol Isfeld was asked by her son Mark to knit dolls, which he handed out to little children of war in areas of the Middle East and the former Yugoslavia. Mark was killed whilst removing a booby-trapped mine, and his fellow engineers continue to this day, handing out Izzy dolls to little children in places like Afghanistan.

In February 2004 more than 2,000 African Comfort (Izzy) Dolls were packed for delivery to the HIV/Aids orphans of East Africa. Knitters in places like New Mexico, Rhode Island, in the USA and in South Africa and all across Canada, in particular the Mollie’s Dollies group in the Gulf Islands, where our Lt Governor’s Mom is a knitter, are all knitting dolls for the HIV AIDS orphans and the suffering poor. Children who die from Aids are buried with their dolls. These children die in their cribs hugging their dolls and no one has the heart to remove the dolls after death. The dolls of joy bring comfort to dying children and smiles to the children of war on our battered and bleeding wee planet. People like Carol Isfeld, Grace Race and Mollie Colson are modern unsung Canadian Heroes.

Mrs Carol Isfeld and Mrs Grace Race
Mrs Carol Isfeld of Courtenay, BC (left – founder of the movement) with Mrs Grace Race of
Victoria, BC (right: Knitter and ardent supporter of ICROSS and the Izzy Doll Program)