What Your Donation Can Achieve

Here’s what ICROSS CANADA can do with a small donation

  • $1.20 will provide footwear for a mother walking long distance in the desert looking for water.
  • $2.40 will provide a mother with a water-container to carry clean water
  • $3.00 will treat a child’s trachoma/eye infection preventing blindness. Trachoma is one of the leading causes of blindness.
  • $3.00 will buy 7 plastic bottles that be used to sterilize contaminated drinking water.
  • $3.90 will buy a treated bed net to prevent children being bitten by mosquitoes.
  • $4.50 will re-hydrate a dehydrated child by supplying oral dehydration therapy treatment. Dehydration kills over 2 million children a year.
  • $5 will treat a mother suffering from anaemia.
  • $12 will vaccinate one child against the 6 killer diseases.
  • $15 will provide essential drugs to treat malaria, which kills 4 million Africans a year.
  • $15 a month helps us educate a child orphaned by AIDS.
  • $18 allows us to identify patients and supply them with donated wheelchairs.
  • $27 provides a school classroom with a blackboard.
  • $30 will provide a home care kit to help patients with basic needs each month.

What can be done with a little more?

  • $36: provide traditional birth attendants with safe kits to deliver babies and prevent infection.
  • $36: will train a local mid wife to deliver babies safely.
  • $36: will provide bedding for a terminally ill patient dying at home.
  • $45: provide a milking goat to give patients and their family’s essential nutrients.
  • $49: will train a local village health worker who treat basic diseases in the village.
  • $66: will rehabilitate a seriously malnourished child.
  • $114: will provide a health worker with a bicycle to visit sick children and mothers in remote villages.
  • $120: provide a poor family with a milking cow for income.
  • $180: provide a basic water filter for a family.
  • $210: will provide school desks for 30 children.
  • $240: will provide a primary school with a safe spray machine to treat mosquito-infected areas keeping children safe from malaria.
  • $240: provide a nurse to serve 3000 community members.
  • $285: will provide school textbooks for 35 children for a year.
  • $450: will provide water troughs for wild and domestic animals and a safe supply of water for people.
  • $540: will protect a community water hole from wild animals.
  • $600: provide a school with a water tank to store water from the school roof.

What would a small project cost and what could it achieve?

  • $3,600 will build a primary school classroom in a rural area.
  • $5,400 will provide a motorbike to visit 420 patients a week.
  • $6,300 will establish an income-generating project for a women’s group.
  • $7,200 will run a dispensary for a year.
  • $9,600 will setup a child-to-child promotion programme preventing killer diseases.
  • $14,400 will train 11,000 people in HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • $15,000 will prevent Diarrhoea for over 6000 nomads and treat all water borne diseases.
  • $15,000 will enable the implementation of a child survival program in a remote area reaching 11000 people.

What else can be done and what does it cost?

  • $19,500 will provide nutritional care and support to 800 malnourished mothers and 2200 children.
  • $21,000 will establish a reproductive health/women health project reaching 12,000 women.
  • $21,150 will establish a breast-feeding project for 6000 mothers.
  • $24,000 will provide a community with a dispensary to serve a community of 2,400 people.
  • $30,000 will enable a disease control and prevention to be run in a district reaching 21000 people and reducing rates of malaria, cholera, malnutrition and blindness.
  • $33,600 will provide a direct response to 3,800 vulnerable children living in HIV homes.
  • $78,000 will establish community support groups to help over a thousand patients with AIDS.

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