Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC)

HPIC Director Of Heath Care, Deborah Collins And HPIC President, John P. Kilsell are presented their 2002 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian of the Year Awards by Major General (Rtd) Lewis MacKenzie Deborah Collins and Maj.Gen. Lew MacKenzie John P. Kilselland Maj.Gen. Lew MacKenzie HPIC Staff with Maj.Gen. Lew MacKenzie

Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) with medical logisticas offices in Mississauga is one of Canada’s largest distributors of donated medical aid. HPIC received the award as recognition for its help in aiding humanitarian efforts in Kenya.

The International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering (ICROSS) Canada’s Humanitarian Award is given to a select group of people or organizations that enable ICROSS CANADA to send a container filled with much needed basic medical aid to East Africa.

Since 1998, HPIC has worked in partneship with ICROSS CANADA to provide much needed medical aid to thousands of needy men, women and children in Kenya suffering the effects of HIV/AIDS.

ICROSS CANADA Patron, Major General (Rtd) Lewis MacKenzie, made the presentation to HPIC President, John Kilsell and to its Director of Health Programs, Deborah Collins, at HPIC’s distribution centre recently in Mississauga.

MacKenzie is well known for his leadership of Canada’s Peace Keeping Forces in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War and appreciates the teamwork shown by HPIC and ICROSS in serving the poor and suffering in Africa. “Sometimes it seems that the problems of the world are much too overwhelming to solve and people just give up trying,” MacKenzie said. “Not so the partnership between ICROSS and HPIC, which every day of the year helps to alleviate the suffering of the most needy and vulnerable in East Africa.”

Mollie Colson

Mollie Colson, 2002 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian of the Year Award Recipient, receives her certificate from Leiutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo Flanked by Leiutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo and ICROSS CANADA President, Billy Willbond

Mollie Colson, 2002 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Of The Year Award Recipient, receives her certificate from Leiutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo

Since ICROSS CANADA started in 1998, Ms Colson has organized knitting groups for the making African Izzy Comfort Dolls (affectionately called “Mollie’s Dollies” by the Gulf Islanders).

She buys and donates medicines for the HIV/AIDS orphans of East Africa. She collects childrens clothing, bicycles, for ICROSS in the field, and books, pens, pencils and school supplies for Ngong Forest School. She and her husband Derek donated the 2003 “Container”

Our Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo travelled to the Gulf Islands to present Mollie with the 2002 Humanitarian Award. A much deserved recognition, indeed. As Her Excellency said: “There are 40,000,000 of us Canadians and only two were chosen this year, that speaks for itself.”

A most worthy recipent who continues to assist and support ICROSS CANADA, Mollie Colson is a hands on worker who continues to send ease suffering and life saving medical supplies to the poorest of the poorest of the poor in the Global Village on our battered and bleeding wee planet.