Padre Tim Kirby

Padre Tim Kirby, BAR is presented with the 2003 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award by Colonel (Rtd) Don Ethell Padre Tim Kirby, BAR is presented with the 2003 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award by Colonel (Rtd) Don Ethell

Padre Tim Kirby has been gathering, hauling and storing hundreds of pounds of surgical stores and medical supplies from Alberta area hospitals for the past couple of years. He helps to make our huge contributions to the 3rd world possible.

The Alberta Director of ICROSS CANADA, Col Don Ethell (a former recipient) is a board member on the hospitals of Alberta and he collects the supplies that Padre Tim hauls and stores for us. Padre Kirby is the Chaplain for the Legion in Alberta and Colonel Ethell made the presentation at the Legion on the evening of the 17th of January 2004.

James Sidel

James (Jim) Sidel: 2003 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award Recipient presented by Dr. Keith Martin, MP in the presence of William H.A. Willbond, National President ICROSS CANADA Jim Sidel and Wife, Shelley with ICROSS CANADA National President, Billy Willbond after the presentation of the 2003 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award

James (Jim) Sidel of the MCpl Mark Isfeld Memorial Chapter of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping (CAVUNP) has, for the past few years, consistently collected clothing on behalf of ICROSS CANADA for the poorest of the poor in the 3rd world. Jim sought permission to obtain the pants, shirts, jackets of those who leave the Corps of Commissionaires through retirement or death. He takes the items home, puts them into his personal washing machine and dryer and then folds them into carry bags. They are taken to the Compassionate Ministry Warehouse where they are sent to 3rd world countries.

Jim and his family his wife Shelley and his daughter Jamie have helped ICROSS to pack containers for the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. His family contributes their time and labour to ICROSS which stresses the "I" International and sends donated medical supplies to the far corners of the earth where the need is greatest.

A peacekeeping veteran from Montreal, Jim wears a gold star of David around his neck and works as a volunteer for Christian Organizations (ICROSS CANADA) and the (Compassionate Ministries) to load life-saving and ease-suffering medical supplies for the Islamic widows and orphans of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Only in Canada you say!!!! Jim is a very deserving individual and the 2003 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award is well placed, indeed.