Rebecca McDonald
Mike Comeau
Malcolm Fox
Tom Clark
Robert Osborne

2005 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award Recipients, Presented By The LtGov (Ontario), James K. Bartleman, December 16, 2005

l ro r: MajGen Lew MacKenzie, Patron of ICROSS CANADA, Mrs Rebecca McDonald (Recipient), Lt Gov (Ontario) James K. Bartleman, Mike Comeau, (Recipient), Malcolm Fox, President of CTV, (Recipient), Cathy McLaughlin, accepting for Tom Clark, CTV W5, (Recipient), Robert Osborne, CTV W5 Producer, (Recipient) LtGov (Ontario) James K. Bartleman presents the 2005 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award to ICROSS Director (Ontario) and Volunteer, Mike Comeau The 2005 ICROSS CANADA Humanitarian Award presented to Mike Comeau Mike Comeau, flanked by friends before the presentation. l to r: Earle Topley (RC Sigs Vet), Lew MacKenzie (ICROSS CANADA Patron), Mike Comeau, Ken Luttrell (Airborne Association), Fern Taillefer (CAVUNP), Robert Watt (CAVUNP), Mrs Carol Comeau (missing from group because she took the photo)