ICROSS Wish List – March 18, 2005

Dearest Friends of ICROSS CANADA

Kylie and Taylor Pai
Kylie and Taylor Pai who love to hug the comfort dolls
Please keep working on the funding for the Nakuru Project; in the meantime we have reached stage one in the planning of our container to support Lifeline Malawi.

The above photo is of Kylie and Taylor Pai who love to hug the comfort dolls that their Grannie, Mom and friends help to knit for the HIV and Aids Orphans and children of the poor in Africa. These dolls, and the couple of thousands I have stored in my den, will be used to pack the lab vials, the microscopes and sterilizers and test tubes for Lifeline Malawi’s new dispensary and lab which will treat 27,000 people serviced by 40 home care workers. As you know, Malawi is the 2nd poorest country on earth so it behoves ICROSS CANADA and Friends to support this effort.

We have now received funding to purchase the MALAWI CONTAINER from a very caring and giving couple in the Gulf Islands. Dell, please let me know when you need it, and I will deliver the ICROSS CANADA cheque. Once unloaded at the dispensary site, Lifeline Malawi will use the container for a storage facility. ICROSS CANADA will share the container with our partners the Nazarenes.

Friends of ICROSS CANADA in Vancouver are collecting new hospital bedding (linen) for us through Mollie Colson who is co-ordinating some of the items on the wish list. We still need the wish list lab equipment (see attached) so I would ask all to keep an eye out for items as listed and let me know. ICROSS CANADA will ship donations of lab equipment from anywhere in CANADA to the Compassionate Ministries Warehouse in Esquimalt

Thanks for caring; bless you for sharing

William Willbond, MSM, CD
National Chairman: ICROSS CANADA
Post Office Box 3, Saanichton, British Columbia, V8M 2C3 CANADA

Clinic And Office Equipment And Furniture

  • 12: Ward Beds. Not electric please
  • 12: Drip stands
  • 16: Curtain rails with curtains and the rollers to attach them to the rail
  • 12: Sets Bed sheets and blanket and pillow
  • Many: Towels
  • 16: Adjustable bed tables on wheels
  • Several: Bed side tables
  • 2: Trolleys to transport patients who are lying down
  • 6: Wheel chairs
  • Many: Filing cabinets with hangers and files
  • Multiple: Shelving units
  • Some: Cupboards any type for office or clinic
  • Multiple: Benches any type
  • Many: Chairs decent ones i.e. strong
  • Several: Chair on wheels
  • 8: Office desks with drawers
  • 6: Magazine rack
  • 5: Pamphlet racks
  • 12: Bikes for the pastors and community volunteers – ready for tough African off-roads Enamel and aluminium pots and large bowls

Lab Equipment
(Presume all electrical equipment will be 120 VAC – see request for transformers below)

  • 1: CD4 Counter/tester
  • 1: Microscope (Any make; decent resolution. Up to times 100x power + Slides, Cover slips, Stains especially Fields and ZN)
  • 2: Centrifuges: haematocrit (one) urine (one)
  • 2: Haemoglobinometer
  • 2: Glucometer
  • Many: test tubes… blood… urine…
  • 1: Fridge
  • 1: CBC counting chamber and ‘Turks solution
  • 1: Differential counter
  • 1: Tally counter
  • 1: ESR stand and tubes
  • 1: Measuring cylinders 3 or 4
  • 1: Small beam balance

  • 2: 240 V to 120 V Step down transformers – 1500 W each
    (One place that supplies these is the 220 Store in “Toronto: