A Gift Of Love From ICROSS

Dear Friends and Supporters of ICROSS CANADA,

Shaylynn Dianna Littlejohn
Shaylynn Dianna Littlejohn
This afternoon my 7-year-old grand daughter Shaylynn Dianna Littlejohn sat at the kitchen working on ICROSS CANADA inventory sheets. Shay, who is the survivor of two heart operations in her few short years on this suffering wee planet, sat drawing little red hearts in the corner of the newly printed inventory sheets.

Within she printed from a stamp pad: “A GIFT OF LOVE FROM ICROSS” (see below)

This “little drop” is as precious as the very important financial donations, the absolutely wonderful little Izzy dolls knit by caring Canadians all across this great Nation and the gifts of medical supplies given to ICROSS CANADA which we often re-distribute to other NGOs sending much needed assistance to the poorest of the poor in the 3rd world.

Shaylynn’s drop is important, and so is your continued support.

Thank you: be well and many blessing on you and all in your house.


William Willbond
October 9, 2005

Thank you for caring and bless you for sharing!

The needy will not be forgotten nor the hopes of the afflicted perish (Psalms 9-19)

Lifeline Malawi: A Gift of Love From ICROSS Canada

AIM: The aim of ICROSS CANADA is to gather and ship life saving and ease suffering medical supplies to the poorest of the suffering poor in the 3rd world villages on our battered and bleeding wee planet!