Container Filled With Gifts Of Love From ICROSS Canada

10:31 pm: November 25, 2005:

We started loading the container for Africa today. The five ton truck and 3 strong men loaded our 429 boxes of med sups then did not charge ICROSS CANADA for loading and transporting the medical supplies from Keating Storage in Saanichton to the Compassionate Ministry Warehouse in Esquimalt where they unloaded the items for us. This was an unexpected surprise!

Two x-ray machines were loaded, one weighed 1900 lbs. and the portable machine weighed 70 lbs. they spanned many years advance in technology and both appear to be in working order.

8,000 Izzy African Comfort Dolls are wrapped around 18 tons of medicine, hospital beds, IV poles, bedpans, bedside tables, wheelchairs, crutches, canes etc. We will complete loading at 0900 hrs. tomorrow morning.

11:46 am: November 26, 2005:

As the ICROSS CANADA/Compassionate Ministries “Works of Mercy” Container left up Devonshire Road in Esquimalt towards the British Columbia Ferry today, I was happy and pleased and thanked our blessed Lord, that we have tried, and were blessed, and accomplished, for the most part, what we set out to do.

There are lots of school supplies and school books in this load. It may be of interest to view the actual inventory of the diversity of the supplies that are now on the way to Malawi – our webmaster has agreed to add a printable version of the list to our website.

A Second Container:

The gift of vitamins and medical supplies to help fight malnutrition, when received from HPIC, will go out next week in a second container for the suffering poor in Malawi. We await word on its arrival. The CMW have donated hospital beds – bedside tables and numerous items in a list to be forwarded separately.

The Task is not complete:

I will check with Labnow Texas regarding the status of the CD4 counter/tester and perhaps we will carry that with us when Lynne, Mollie, and I travel to Africa to coincide with the arrival of the container in a couple of month’s time.

A Hopeful Request:

To our Canadian Government, despite being in the midst of this election madness, please take some additional (positive) action to assist in the fight against starvation, and to help defeat the hunger of millions of destitute human beings. The sending of flour, ground cornmeal, cooking oil, vitamin biscuits, and grain will give to the suffering poor in Africa a fighting chance to survive.

All Friends of ICROSS Canada:

Please keep the HIV and AIDS orphans and the suffering poor in your prayers as we approach the festive season here in the land of plenty.

Blessing to all,

William Willbond, MSM, CD
National President ICROSS CANADA
The International Community for the Relief Of Starvation and Suffering
Post Office Box 3
Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2C3

The needy will not be forgotten, nor the hopes of the afflicted perish (Psalms 9:19)