Famine Relief Malawi
Small Donation to Feed 35 Infants under 6 Months of Age

Mr. Henderson and his wife have directed ICROSS CANADA to feed the hungry in famine stricken Malawi. To that end they have sent us a cheque from their personal bank account in the amount of $3,000 (Canadian Dollars). This sum is an advance on the Humanitarian Fund Raising Dinner being put on in Ottawa by the Royal Commonwealth Society on 24 February 2006. The cheque is being sent now because by February it might be too late to save lives (at Miriam’s discretion) and help feed the 35 infants under the age of 6 months whose mothers have died due to malnutrition, HIV AND AIDS and assorted diseases.

ICROSS CANADA has added funds to make up the total sent to Malawi of US$5,000.00 at a cost of $5,970 Canadian Dollars, which includes the cable service costs and the exchange rate.

ICROSS CANADA is making this small drop to feed the hungry through Caring Canadian, Miriam Yiannakis, a nutritionist who lives in Malawi and who has her finger on the famine button. Hopefully, our Government and the United Nations will take will take positive hasty action before it is too late!

Ex CIDA SX Officer Bob Willbond both knows Miriam personally and these monies will save lives! Please spread the word to other NGOs about the famine in Africa. Do not wait until the stick children replace the windstorms and earthquake news on CNN.

Be well and take care my friends,
Many blessings

William Willbond, MSM, CD
National President ICROSS CANADA

The International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering
Post Office Box 3, Saanichton, BC V8M 2C3 Canada

The needy will not be forgotten, nor the hopes of the afflicted perish (Psalms 9:19)

Aim: The aim of ICROSS CANADA is to gather and ship life saving and ease suffering medical supplies to the poorest of the suffering poor, on our battered and bleeding wee planet.

This photo is a picture of malnutrition where the little lad’s knees are inverted to keep balance;
the wee lad’s stomach is full of worms and no food.

Hi Billy,

Just FYI, I have received the funds – it comes to Malawi Kwacha 610,149.00 I’m heading over to the crisis nursery this morning to meet with the staff there and spend some time with the infants as well! I’ll take my camera with so you can get an idea of the work going on there and will let you exactly how the funds will be used. When I phoned them this morning, they were so excited – thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your ministry – to hear the joy and relief in their voice when I told them the money had arrived and I am coming today – wow – it is such a privilege for me!

Will write more soon!

Miriam Yiannakis
November 3, 2005

Dearest Miriam

Thank you so much for keeping us appraised of the situation in the field.

As you know Dr. Keith Martin, MP has urged our Government to assist with the famine and our Prime Minister and our Canadian Government Officials have authorized $1,000,000.00 for the purchase of grain for the hunger crisis in Africa. We realize that much, much more is needed, but the wind storms in the US and the earthquake in Pakistan has again taken the emphasis away from the famine in Africa, and that is why our small band of ICROSS CANADA workers took some positive action, through you, to help save children’s lives at the “crisis nursery”

Thirty Five infants under the age of six months will survive this famine because of the positive action of Chris Henderson at the Royal Commonwealth Society and Caring Canadians who support ICROSS CANADA from all across this Great Nation. The RCS will hold a famine fundraiser dinner in Ottawa on the 24th of February and our Patron Major General (Retired) Lewis MacKenzie will be the guest speaker. Dr Martin will also say a few words at the fund raising event, as our guest of honour.

We look forward to receiving the pictures from the field. Each is worth a thousand words. My wife Lynne and I, and Mollie Colson, a staunch supporter of ICROSS CANADA, look forward to meeting with you when we go out to Malawi end February first half of March. I will continue to take the liberty of forwarding your famine reports from the field, on to our Government Officials at all levels.

We were very pleased to see that the grain ships held hostage off the coast have been released and the corn is again flowing freely into Africa. The UN will have to do more to protect grain ships from pirates and corrupt officials, and the Canadian suggestion for RtoP (Responsibility to Protect) should be rigidly enforced during this time of famine. UNCIVPOL members should closely monitor these shipments to ensure they get through to the needy. Hopefully the UN will not once again do too little too late.

Bless you for caring and thank you for the sharing your time and energy on behalf of the suffering poor.

Be well my friend
November 4, 2005

PS: Our filling of boxes for LIFELINE MALAWI and their new dispensary goes well – meds are being packed in Izzy African Comfort Dolls which will bring health to the suffering and joy to the faces of Aids Orphans and the Children of the poor.