The Hunger Report

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Leader of the Opposition and Your Honour the Governor General of Canada,

Miriam Yiannakis is a Canadian Nutritionist and has lived in Malawi for 6 years. She works for World Vision but keeps ICROSS CANADA appraised of the “hunger” that is getting worse throughout the land and it is through her to Dr Keith Martin that we have been directing the reports that we receive from the field for information and action by our caring Government Politicians, Officials in the field and Civil Servants in Ottawa.

All sides of the house, despite the pending election, should come together as a team in regards to this crisis, and they should urge CIDA to push for more grain for distribution to the worst areas in Central Africa. If it were your child that had nothing to eat, what would you do? Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come onto me”, and Canadians can make a difference to ease suffering and help to save lives if our leaders urge the population to do the works of mercy. Let us all try to feed the hungry. We waste and throw away enough food in Canada every day, to stop the hunger. Let us all try to make a difference in Africa!

The Royal Commonwealth Society will hold a famine charity fundraiser dinner on the 24th of February in Ottawa, and we are going to use the monies raised for the continued feeding of these 35 infants less than six months (see pictures below). Had we waited for the fundraiser, by end February, many of these children would be dead of starvation. Our contribution has staved off malnutrition and all are thriving. All monies raised at this function will go to Miriam to feed the hungry at the infant crisis centre. We at ICROSS CANADA will assist the infants’ crisis centre to the best of our ability. With your help, that will be a success story.

The advanced funds from the RCS is keeping these wee tykes alive and they will not end up like the stick bone babies in the rural villages because of the generosity of Canadians who support ICROSS CANADA. Please attend the Royal Commonwealth Society Fundraiser Dinner in February. Please keep us in your prayers and urge everyone in this land of plenty to share with our brothers and sisters in the worst drought and crop-failed areas of Africa.

Thank you for caring. Bless you for sharing,

November 30, 2005

William Willbond, MSM, CD
National President ICROSS CANADA
The International Community for the Relief Of Starvation and Suffering
Post Office Box 3, Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2C3, Canada

The needy will not be forgotten, nor the hopes of the afflicted perish (Psalms 9:19)

Hi Billy,

Congratulations on getting the container sent off for Lifeline Malawi!! Things have been quite hectic around here as well, but I was happy to be able to take some time this weekend and hang out at the Crisis Nursery – I will send some photos along here of the infants that the money you sent is helping.

We are using the money mainly for food, not only for the infants, but also to support some of the families in the communities who are also caring for helpless infants. The nursery is at capacity for infants so by helping some of the extended family members out with some basic food assistance, then they can continue to care for children who need it.

Just for a bit of context, let me tell you what happened yesterday morning. There is an agricultural depot just 400 meters from where I am living. Over night they had received a truckload of maize, and by 6 in the morning there were hundreds of people around trying to get at the maize. The agriculture depot had to call in armed soldiers to control the crowd and ensure a riot didn’t break out. In order to get to work I had to come very close to the crowd and saw the despair mixed with anxious hope in the faces of the men, women and children that were lined up there.

I guess what hit me was the contrast with what is happening at the crisis nursery. The kids that are there are getting so much love and care, and in fact being provided with a chance to live! Without that nursery I wonder just how many would have survived.

In the photos I have included one that is not very good quality – sorry about that but it’s a photo of a photo. In the picture you can see a basket with a bag inside – that is how one of the infants at the nursery was found – someone had left him in a basket, hoping that someone else would pick him up and care for him. Well, God has his plans for that little boy – he was named Moses (of course!) and after spending some time at the crisis nursery, has now been adopted into a caring and loving home! I can’t wait to see how God is going to use that boy as he grows up – there is a special blessing on him!

Well, here are the pictures. I will end with them.

Thank you so much from me and all of these little ones!

Miriam Yiannakis
November 28, 2005

Moses Basket (see details near the end of the letter above the album) Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre Malawi Child Care Centre