Lifeline Malawi Container Has Arrived

The beds for the patients are in place the lab is starting to operate and you helped! Thank you! Your donation is important to make these wonderful assists to the works of mercy possible!

Blessings to all,
March 21, 2006

The Long Awaited Hospital Beds Being Admired In The New Clinic By nurses Violet and Janet Dr Chris Brooks checking blood vial container for the lab The ICROSS Canada barrack boxes arrive and are being checked out by customs. Thanks to Jim Sidel and Chink Widenmaier and George Dobson Unloading: note the wheelbarrow loaded with stuffies About half of the 300 boxes now unloaded and temporarily stored in the Men’s Ward Partially unloading the container to lighten it because the 20-ton weight gave the crane some problems Near disaster as the crane lists from the weight to attempt to place the container on its foundation Dr Brooks looks on as weight of container gives the crane some problems The container finally in place – it needs a paint job will try to put some cans of paint in the next container which we are well on our way to loading as we speak.