ICROSS Canada In Malawi - 2007

These pictures were taken by my throw away plastic cameras from the $1.00 store in Langford. They were taken in early March 2007 in both Ngodzi and Lilongwe in Malawi, South Central Africa, one of the poorest countries on earth.

The areas visited, besides Ngodzi, were the ABC sick children’s’ ward, the Ministry of Hope Infant Crisis Centre and two local African Orphanages. When Mollie Colson exited the 2nd last orphanage carrying a huge bag of Izzy African Comfort Dolls in a see through plastic bag, the little girl in the plaid dress in the last photo jumped up and down for joy screaming: “Dollies, Dollies!!” That set the stage and every child in that orphanage was issued with a doll knit by the caring and loving hands of Canadians all across this great Nation.

The dolls we carried were for the most part in 2 x barrack boxes filled with medical equipment like stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and painkillers like aspirin. All medical items were packed in Izzy African Comfort Dolls, which were distributed as per the attached pictures. Heathrow has downgraded the weights to 50lbs per bag so we had a thousand dolls on the floor at the Airport. Mollie’s husband, Derek, helped us to evenly distribute the items between suitcases, barrack boxes and the kitbag – all were re-weighed and one bag weighed 50lbs 2oz, the rest were under 50. A spare bag of dolls was let through for free by the great folks at Air Canada Jazz – we owe them one! Mike Comeau (our Ontario Director) supplied his army kitbag, which we carried filled with nurses’ whites and Izzy dolls. I brought the kit bag home for future use but the barrack boxes, like those in the past, were left for the outreach teams to carry medical supplies in when holding village treatment clinics. I need a few more barrack boxes – check your basement.

ICROSS CANADA has purchased the new South African Based Company’s CD4 machine for the LM Canadian Medical Clinic at Ngodzi (the suppliers have a factory outlet in Lilongwe). Canadian ICROSS CANADA donors gave the equivalent of 40,000,000.00 Kwachas or €22,000.00 ($34,000.00 Canadian)

All is well here, in the land of plenty,


Billy Willbond
March 24, 2007

ICROSS Canada In Malawi - 2007 ICROSS Canada In Malawi - 2007 ICROSS Canada In Malawi - 2007 ICROSS Canada In Malawi - 2007