ICROSS CANADA does not collect any information about individual visitors to our web site for any reason. If a visitor elects to share their email address or other personal particulars by sending an email to the Webmaster in any manner, that information is never shared with any other organization or individual without specific prior approval, which the ICROSS CANADA webmaster shall seek to obtain. The two exceptions to this undertaking are:

  • When a visitor or reader elects to leave a message containing such information in the ICROSS CANADA guestbook – that information is public property and, although it may be commented upon by the webmaster and appended to the specific entry in the guestbook, such comments will be confined to that forum, and
  • When a reader requests contact with a contributor to the ICROSS CANADA site. In this circumstance, a private email will be forwarded to that contributor on behalf of the person making the request, with future communication being at the discretion of the contributor and the requestor.

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
ICROSS CANADA Website (Australia)